Should I Start A Blog?????


Not too long ago the idea of ‘Starting A Blog’ popped into my head. Thoughts of camping and adventure have always caused my heart to Sing! I love to read about and research areas that I want to visit. I almost always have an adventure of some sort well into planning and preparations. And a couple of brand-new ideas creeping their way into my head, hoping to be well cemented soon!  So that was it!!  I would blog and share ideas, along with our camping and outdoor adventures with other folks

My husband and I have both been tent camping warriors!!  But with my husband’s early retirement approaching, I decided, without a doubt, that I wanted a motor home. Perfect!  Or was it?????  I began to wonder if I would ever get the hang of driving a big monster like that.  Yikes!!  I have a hard time navigating the traffic around here in my SUV. I am really not the best driver.  Did I say that???  Ha!  How on earth would I ever be able to manage a huge motor home. Would I be able to?  I was starting to be horrified at the very thought. And parking ….  Oh my …  I will be the first to admit that I am probably one of the worst vehicle parkers on the planet!!!  Ha!

But then it hit me.  I think we should buy a camper van.  Perfect.  The perfect size for the two of us and our dog, Buddy. Why didn’t I think of that to start with??

Well, that plan bit the dust quickly.  After searching, we discovered that the camper vans in our price range would have much higher mileage than we had anticipated.  While searching through Craigslist, I did run across a couple of Cargo Vans that folks had fixed up to use for traveling!  Well, B-I-N-G-O!!  That was it!  And we were off in search of the perfect Cargo Van!

Come on back, as I will be sharing with you folks our process of buying a cargo van and setting it up as our little travel cottage on wheels.  And like most things in life, it WAS an adventure!!








2 thoughts on “Should I Start A Blog?????

  1. LOL! I LOVE that you stared the Blog! 😀

    The trick to parking, is to back up – so YOU control things when you are backing up, and pulling out is much easier then!

    Sign me, the little Ford Transit chick in Texas! ❤


    • I haven’t yet tried to back up! I do love the back-up camera that shows up in our rear-view mirror. I’ve only even driven a handful of times. I’m used to driving a sedan with windows all around. It will take some getting used to, using mirrors only for changing lanes. Not sure about driving in the Seattle rush hour!!! That might do me in!!! yikes!!!!

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