Buying Ford Transit Van Pt. 1


We decided to buy a Cargo Van to convert into a nifty travel van. We checked out YouTube to see what other folks had done with their van conversions. And WOW, it was so much fun to watch video after video!! So many creative and fun ideas to explore!  Some folks keep their conversions rather simple and others Go All Out!! CHECK OUT YOUTUBE. What fun!!

After research, we settled on the Ford Transit Van. There was still a lot to consider. The Ford Transit comes in 3 different heights – low/regular (can’t stand up in it), medium (able to stand up), and high. And then there are 3 different lengths. We decided it was best to go to a Ford Dealership to see the vans. After that we knew we wanted the Medium height and short length.

We ran across a guys ad on Craig’s List. They had a ton of vans that they buy from auctions. Do we dare even check into this sort of transaction??  Buy a van, sight unseen??  Yikes! A scary thought to me!!

But we did email the gentleman and we heard right back. He told us that he worked for a family dealership – 6 dealership locations in Kansas. Devin Shannon explained that they had purchased several vans at auction. The vans were all brand new, 0 miles. BUT they all had light hail damage.
Hmmmmm ….
  wonder what THAT means exactly?? Is that worth checking into??? 

But we pursued it. We told Devin what sort of van we wanted. He sent pictures, including the hail damage, including the window sticker showing the options.
  He gave us a price; we offered less. Devin told us that they turn many, many vans over quickly, and he doesn’t allow for much wiggle room when it comes to negotiating a price. But he did come down a bit. 

I will tell you, I felt a bit of panic buying a van through email, not seeing it first, wiring money!!  YIKES!!! I have heard many horror stories of buyers getting taken. Would I be one of those??? 

We did check out this sales guy, Devin Shannon. We found his name and picture on the Ford Dealership web site.
  Good sign!!!  Felt some relief. We called the dealership and asked for Devin to be certain he did, indeed, work there. And he did! Whew!!  Another good sign.

Then it was time to wire the $$$$. Boy, I was so worried about doing that. Would we get ripped off?? Were we idiots to do this?? Devin had told us he sells and sends van all across the country. He’s in charge of internet sales with Ford. He buys vans constantly from the auction there.

We decided we would ‘go for it’!!  The money was wired through our Credit Union!!  And that was that. Would we really get our van? Or did we just send our money to crooks??!!!

3 thoughts on “Buying Ford Transit Van Pt. 1

  1. Oh. My. Gawsh! I love that you are on the same Ford Transit journey that we are on… how exciting it is!
    We will be closely following your progress, as we are doing the same thing on kinda the same schedule!
    Smiles from Sunny South Texas,
    Tali and Rock


    • We haven’t yet done too much with our Transit yet. We are busy working on a house we need to get up for sale. We aren’t going to get too fancy with our conversion. We just bought a new memory foam mattress for the bed. Should be comfy!!!!

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