Buying Ford Transit Van Pt.2

And the Adventure continues …  They have our $$’s via wire transfer. Will we actually get our van???  Sort of worried!!!  We DID do our ‘homework’, so I do think we will be ok.  Our chosen van was in Tennessee, still sitting at the auction lot with a bunch of other vans that Devin had purchased at auction. We purchased our airline tickets and would be flying out in a week. Devin Shannon emailed us our
60-day, temporary auto license. Also our ticket for entry into the auction site and secure pick-up of our van. I do believe we are set!!!!

Soooooo … On Nov. 21, we flew from Seattle, WA to Nashville, TN. We had our very first experience with UBER. And it went perfect!!!  If you have never used them, I would absolutely give them a try. I had downloaded the App onto my phone. After retrieving our luggage, I used the App to request a ride from the airport to Lebanon, TN. In about 7 minutes, there was our ride.

It was close to 8:30 pm, so it was dark for our 20 minute ride. His GPS brought us to the address. It appeared to be closed, not a soul around!  Ut-oh!!!  Yikes!!  What the heck??!!  The sign on the door said it closed at 6 pm. NOOOOOOO!!  Devin had said they are open 7 days a week, until midnight.

Luckily, Clark saw a cleaning woman who yelled through the door to go to security, and she pointed in the direction. Okayyyyyyy … hoping for the best we went in search of security. It was sure dark and this place was GIGANTIC!!  I mean GIGANTIC does not even describe it!  Acres and acres and acres.  And thousands and thousands of cars. A HUGE auction operation. We’ve never seen anything like it!!!!

Following the signs, we drove to the security building. Nice and lit up, lots of people. Ha! We were in the right place.  Sigh of relief!!!!  YES!!!!  After turning over the paperwork, a fella in a big van drove us and we found the van we had purchased. 

OH MY GOSH.  WE DID IT!!!!!!  We actually found a van on Craig’s List, made the deal via email, wired money, flew to Tennessee, found the auction house, and got our van. AND IT WAS PERFECT!!! 
0 miles!! Brand spankin’ new van – straight out of the factory!  Never even made it to the car lot for sale before it got hit by hail. And the hail damage was slight, barely able to see it!! We were very, very happy!!!  YIPPPPPPEEEEEEE!!!!!! And off we drove in our new van!!!!!

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