Buying Ford Transit Van – Part 3

Have you ever camped in the WalMart parking lot? That is where we spent our first night. And we weren’t alone!!  A few other ‘campers’ had the same idea as us. After picking up our camping supplies, we set up ‘camp’ in our super hotel on wheels. Gotta LOVE It!!!! We were tired after a long day of traveling, and boy, oh boy, did we ever sleep good!!! 

In the morning, we were up and off to start our trek back to Home-Sweet-Home in Washington State. And we could NOT click our ‘Ruby Red Slippers’ three times, while saying “There’s no place like home, There’s no place like home.” NO – we had to do it the hard way! A LONG drive was ahead!!!  The longest road trip that either of us has been on!!! Our first stop – THE GRAND OLE OPREY!!

I discovered that a stop to visit The Grand Ole Opry would work into a good route taking us out of the Nashville area. We were there in about 25 minutes. ‘The Grand Ole Opry’ is part of a Huge resort area. Beautiful! We first came to the Opryland Hotel. It was gigantic; beautiful grounds!

We were a bit confused on where to park, so Clark let me out and I strolled along the walkway taking in all of the Grandness. Beautiful grounds, Christmas music coming from speakers, outdoor staging for concerts, country music, ice skating, snow tubing, many folks busy making their way to fun destinations with smiling thoughts showing on their faces! So many children, laughing, smiling, skipping! Magical excitement!!!  I loved it!!


And then there it was!!!  The Grand Ole Opry!! I could feel the presence of the many country singers that have ‘made it’ and performed here!! Not sure why, But I actually got tears in my eyes. It’s really hard to explain the specialness that one feels with this visit.

Out front folks were posing in front of two huge guitars! Great picture spot!!  A gal standing close by insisted that we HAD to pose TOGETHER for pictures. Heck, I had been trying to talk Clark into that all along. And now he will do it for a perfect stranger! Too funny! And I LOVED IT!!!  YES!!

I took several pictures of the gigantic country performers that decorated the front of the building!! If you wanted to see the inside, you needed to buy tickets for a tour. We didn’t do the tour, as we had to be on our way.

As we drove away, I was thankful that we had taken the time to visit The Grand Ole Opry. A special, special place that I hope all of you folks get to see!

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