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We will be posting product reviews for items that we have purchased. Our latest purchase of a Ford Transit Van for conversion led us to be needing several camping and travel items. Before we make a purchase, we always read reviews on After reading the Reviews, including the Q & A section, we feel confident that we have the information needed to make an informed decision on which product will work best for our particular situation.

It’s our hope that we can help you out by sharing our honest opinions on products that we have used. After writing a review, we will save it to the right of our Blog section under ‘Product Reviews’. Check back often for new information! 

We slept in our brand-new Ford Transit Cargo Van. We used these sleeping bags during our long drive from Tennessee to Washington State.


 Click the above link to see details on the Coleman Oak Point Sleeping Bag

We bought two and plan to use them when camping in our new Ford Transit Cargo Van Conversion. I knew for sure that I wanted a flannel interior like this, as it feels better when climbing in when it’s chilly. We liked the idea of the larger Big & Tall style. It felt good to be able to move around freely. There is enough room so that you can add a blanket inside if needed on colder nights. The two sleeping bags can be zipped together if we choose to do so.  We did not try this option on this trip. After our next trip, I will report back on how well the 2 bags zip together as one! This option should help with warmth on colder nights. Snuggling will be a nice option! ha!

This sleeping bag has a rating that should keep us warm at a low of 30 degrees. The first two nights of our trip – 1 night in Tennessee, 1 night in Missouri – we felt great with temps in the mid-30s. We both slept really well, feeling nice and snuggly warm.  The third night was spent high up in the Great Rocky Mountains. IT WAS COLD!!! Not sure just how cold, but probably 20 degrees, or maybe into the teens. COLD AND WINDY!!  We slept just ok. We both felt chilly much of the night. I was wearing a thinner long sleeved t-shirt, along with thicker leggings. For colder nights like this, I would suggest wearing a fleece jacket, or using a blanket tucked inside the sleeping bag. We would have been more comfortable.

The outer shell is a smooth fabric with a silky feel. I’m thinking that will be a bonus should something wet spill on it. If wiped off quickly, I’m thinking it won’t soak in as it would with a canvas shell. Nice!

There is a small pocket on the upper inside, useful to tuck your cell phone into. I found it useful, as I could locate it in the dark when I wanted to see what time it was. Nice touch!

My final thoughts: Perfect bags for us! We were comfortable at 30 degrees. If we camp at colder temps, it will be easy to insert a blanket inside for added warmth. We camp mainly in the spring and summer. These sleeping bags will be great for that. If we had bought the more expensive bags rated for colder weather, I think we would get overheated when camping in the Summer.. These are Coleman brand, which usually means Quality and a good lasting product. My folks were loyal to the Coleman brand as we camped when I was a child. Coleman items were bought and never had to be replaced the entire time  I camped with my folks. We sure slept good against the soft flannel in these bags; I would never go with another type of fabric! We felt these bags were very good value for the known quality Coleman brand! I will update my review after a bit more use.

2 thoughts on “Product Reviews – From Us to You!

  1. Fantastic review… thank you! Are they able to be zipped together, where two full sleeping bags lay out flat and you can zip them together?
    We have been looking for a pair that will lay flat, not be bound along the bottom edge… I have only found good reviewed bags that only zip along the right or left sides, not flat-flat bags. What was your finding?


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