Ford Transit Van Conversion – Part 5

My Guy wanted to get underway with our travels, so he got us up and moving quickly. He knows me, oh so well. He knew that if he didn’t dash me on out of there, I would be in the casino having a fun morning and trying hard to ‘Strike It Rich’. He, he!

But we were off in search of a good photography spot. I wanted pictures of the City of St. Louis. Pictures of the great arch that I had seen in the dark the night before. Pictures of the Mississippi River. And, boy, was I excited to see the Mississippi River. The grand Mississippi River that I read about in my school books. The grand Mississippi River that I have seen on television growing up and on into adulthood! I remember so well as a young child we would often chant as fast as we could, “miss-iss-ippi,” over and over, seeing who could chant it the fastest.

We found THEE most perfect spot just down a bit from the casino. A park with a Wonderful viewing platform.


We did see someone sitting up at the top, enjoying the morning view of the City. I worked my way up, back and forth on the walkway, stopping at one spot to take pictures. Didn’t want to take pictures at the very top, as I didn’t want to bother the person sitting there, possibly meditating.


I made it to the top — And WOW, it was not a real person, but a bronze statue sitting there looking out to the St. Louis view!!!  He,he! I looked at the informative plaque that lets visitors know what they are viewing – what each building is.


Neat! Then  ……..  I read, “Turn around and look behind you. YOU ARE ON WEBCAM”! Wowieeeeeeeee.  How cool is that!? Your friends can go to the web address and see you live!!  The web cams were located in the statue’s eyes.





dsc00522-1dsc00523-1 dsc00527 dsc00534-1Clark checks out the engine of our Brand Spankin’ New Ford Transit Cargo Van. Took this from up on the viewing platform.

Such a good time, and I got to see the MISSISSIPPI RIVER! So thankful for that!

Next we are off in search of our morning coffee! We got on the highway and pulled off here, anxious for our first cup of coffee of the day:  sam_1084

And we were off again. On the road, making our way to Washington State.

We traveled through Missouri and began our way into Kansas. I wasn’t looking forward to our Kansas travels. Folks had told us that it seems like it takes FOREVER to get through this state. The same folks reported that the flat open scenery was boring, seeing the same thing for miles and miles.

But My Guy and I certainly didn’t think the scenery was bland or boring. Nope!! We both enjoyed the scenery very much and thought it was pretty. Wide open country — lots of homesteads, surrounded by acres and acres of fields, all recently plowed; huge, grand machinery used to work the fields and crops; grain silos – I especially liked seeing them against the open blue sky; many, many wind turbines – strong beauty against the wide open skies; oil drilling machinery – working hard; beautiful cows, enjoying their lunch; sheep and goats, gathered together enjoying the day. Loved it!sam_1162



While enjoying the scenery, I thought about the folks living in the many homesteads and small towns we passed. Hard working folks, I’m sure. People living their lives so different than mine. I wondered how I would do living out so far from a major town/city. sam_1146

We stopped at one rest area to stretch out and to use the facilities. Very nice rest area, with wonderful views of the fields and hills in the distance. Nice stop! sam_1101sam_1103 I sure enjoyed the small towns that we passed through. I’m a small town, country-type gal, and I could envision myself living in a small Kansas town! I could feel the warmth that each town sent out!sam_1153

My favorite stop in Kansas was the town of Abilene, Kansas. Located here is President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s boyhood home, Presidential Library, and his final resting place. I will post several pictures in the next post. What a special visit!

Our day traveling in Kansas was enjoyable. We traveled on, making our way through Kansas and on into Colorado. Goodbye Kansas – Hello Colorado!!!sam_1160

One thought on “Ford Transit Van Conversion – Part 5

  1. Thanks for posting! I enjoyed your writing… And good job with the pics!
    I also like your Transit! It looks familiar… LOL! 🙂


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