Buying Ford Transit Part 8


We saw some beautiful lands while traveling through Colorado. I can say that our trip through Utah was just as beautiful! I was so intrigued by the various land formations that we passed in our travels. This is one state that I want to be certain to go back to for a visit. I want to visit the 5 National Parks that this state offers.
dsc00572 dsc00570 dsc00565The day was bright and beautiful. A wonderful Thanksgiving Day! I have to admit that I was missing being home for the Thanksgiving holiday. Home with my family that I adore. I told my husband that I will not do this again, being away from home. I called home to all and wished a Happy Thanksgiving. My oldest son sounded a bit sad to me, so I told him, go down to the cousin’s house. You are always more than welcome there! And that is what he did and had a great time! I felt so much better knowing that he was not sitting at home alone.

We continued on. We stopped at the nicest, most unique rest area that I have ever been at. It’s the Tie Fork rest area. This is built on the site of a former ghost town of Tucker, Utah. With a railroad theme, it has a simulated roundhouse for picnic shelters and a small ‘station’ serving as the restroom and vending area. It even has a replica engine in the roundhouse. We sure enjoyed looking around.
dsc00563dsc00562And we were on our way again, sure enjoying the scenery of this great state of Utah.
dsc00546dsc00553And we finished up our travels in Utah.  Next, it was on into Idaho. And remember it WAS Thanksgiving Day AND Clark’s birthday.  His 60th  …   Shhhhhhhhhh …

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