Buying Ford Transit Part 7

Driving, driving, driving. Many times during our drive home I was wishing we could stop to explore. But if I had my way, and Clark didn’t keep us moving along, our trip could be days longer! Ha! We have a 14-year-old dog that doesn’t do well when we are gone. Even though he’s in good hands with our two adult children, Clark was anxious to get back home to him. Poor Buddy gets so sad and depressed when we are gone.

Clark wanted to travel on until reaching Denver, planning to get some dinner there and then set up ‘camp’ in a WalMart parking lot.  Instead, Clark decided we would drive on a bit longer. I warned him that as soon as leaving Denver, we would rise in elevation really quickly. And I was right. Snow, snow, snow! And rough driving conditions. Driving like this in the dark caused me panic, which made it hard for him to drive!!  Yikes!!

We pulled off in a little area – a gas station, gift store, visitor center. Clark got some sleep – ME, no way! Even though I did try! After a few hours, we headed along our way. Stopped for coffee, and there we stayed. Clark decided he would stay put until it was lighter out! Relief!! I did much better when it was light. The roads were terrible, so we inched along, making slow progress. Many cars were in the ditch, some flipped over, a few had gone over steep banks, several semi-trucks not able to make it. We saw tow trucks and emergency vehicles on their way to help these folks. I said prayers, hoping that these folks were okay. It was a mess.
These show the conditions we were inching our way through as we made our way through the Rocky Mountains.
We went through Vail, Colorado. Condominiums were seen for mile after mile! Wow! We saw beautiful scenery!

We inched our way along, finally making it up and over the Grand Rocky Mountains. Many folks did not make it, and I was so thankful that we did!! And it was a special day!!  Thanksgiving AND Clark’s birthday! A very special day, indeed!!

We drove on, making our way through Colorado and on into Utah.


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