Buying Ford Transit Part 9

Thanksgiving Day AND Clark’s birthday brought us into Idaho.

We began wondering just what would be open for dinner on Thanksgiving. Clark had hoped to go to a casino, thinking they would probably be serving a nice holiday dinner like we had seen advertised at our casino back at home. I used my phone to do a Google search, but I did not find a casino near the route we would be traveling. Darn!

I did remember that Denny’s near our home always has advertised a traditional Thanksgiving meal, so Denny’s it was for our 2016 Thanksgiving dinner. Our waitress was so very sweet, cheerful even though she had to work on Thanksgiving Day. She was soon to be getting off of work, and her family was waiting for her to get home to enjoy their holiday meal with her. She was bubbling with excitement!

We both ordered the traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey, stuffing, potatoes with gravy, vegetables, cranberry sauce, a roll with butter. It was so very, very good. I had thought that maybe I would order pie, but I could not even finish my dinner, so I passed!!

After a very good dinner, we were on our way again. We needed to make plans for where we would spend the last night of our travels. I was a bit surprised when Clark said that since it was his birthday he wanted to get a hotel. And I was happy, happy!  I was sooooo ready to take a hot shower and then get into a nice warm, soft bed!  YES!!!

We’ve always found Motel 6 hotels to be clean and reasonably priced. It wasn’t long before we spotted a sign along the highway advertising a Motel 6 at the next exit, at Twin Falls, Idaho.

After checking in and heading to our room, I jumped right onto the bed, loving it!!  Ha! Gosh, I was so very, very tired!!! I had planned to take a nice, hot shower, but I just couldn’t get the energy to do even that! After getting my nightgown on, I was sound asleep. My shower would wait until morning.

Clark got us up and moving pretty early. He was determined to get us home today. And we were getting CLOSE!! We traveled on into Oregon.

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