Buying Ford Transit Van Part 10

This would be the very last day of our long journey home from Tennessee to Washington State. Our adventure of buying a Ford Transit van advertised on Craig’s List had all been going to plan, without a hitch. We were so close to home and we were both getting anxious to get back to the ole’ homestead along the river. We knew our old, Buddy boy, would be thrilled when we walked in the door.

We enjoyed the Oregon scenery, as our travels had never taken us through this area of Oregon. At one point we began to see signs for this:
And, of course, I got excited. And, of course, Clark said we would stop. Yipppeeeee! And here we were!!  Nice place. Big casino, with a big hotel. I would sure love to come back and visit sometime when we can spend more time, but I enjoyed the short stop. It was good to get out and stretch, and it was fun to try my hand at the slots!  Fun time!!

Not long after we left, we began the long, winding descent down to the Columbia River. I knew that as we crossed the river, we would be heading into Washington State. OUR HOME!!

We’ve traveled up through Yakima and up onto I-90 before. I never tire of the drive on I-90, up and over Snoqualmie Pass. There was not any snow on the highway, so it was a nice and relaxing ride. Passing by North Bend, WA I knew that we would be home in just a bit. YES!

And then before I knew it…..   HOME, SWEET HOME!!  And it did feel so very sweet to be back to our lovely country home on the river. Back to our pets. Back to our family.

I can reflect back on our trip. I enjoyed every part of it, except for the nasty snow storm we passed through in the Grand Rocky Mountains. That scared the heck out of me!

Clark was so very happy with the way our new Ford Transit Van performed on the many miles. A nice, smooth ride, good power when needed, good control and ride in the snow and ice. It really performed really well, and so far we are super happy with our purchase!

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