Car Travel With Kids

Road Trips With Kids

Traveling with children can, at times, be a challenge. But I can tell you, these times spent in close quarters in the car together as a family can hold fond memories for your children, even when they are adults with children of their own!!

My oldest sister and I still remember our times spent in the car on our many camping and road trips. We sure had some wild arguments! Oh my! Our main argument was over our ‘turf’. We each had our spot to sit in the back seat, and no way were either of us going to give up an inch of our ‘turf’ to the other sister. My mom must have gotten so tired of us both whining about the other sister crossing the ‘line’ onto our ‘turf’. Over and over again my mom heard “She’s on my half,” “She won’t stay on her side,” “Mommmmm, she is doing it on purpose”!!!! How my mom survived us two fighting in the back seat for miles and miles, I don’t know! She must have been ready to pull her hair out!!  Ha!

At times we got along fabulously on that back seat! One of our favorite games was having ‘leg wrestling’ contests! Oh my!! We would each lie on our back on our half of the seat, raise our leg up, cross our leg over the other sister’s leg, and use our might to push, pull, or drag the other sister’s leg down to the seat!

And my dad, my patient dad ….. Just like most all kids do, we repeated over and over on the long car ride ….. “Are we almost there yet”? How much longer, Dad”? And on our trips home on Sundays, after a weekend camping trip, my Dad heard over and over, “Dad, will we get home in time to watch ‘Lassie’, which was our most loved television show as kids. “Dad, please, please get us home in time”! And my Dad always did. What a special man he was! He always patiently answered our repeated questions, never getting impatient with us!

I will soon be posting a tip for a fun way to deal with the kids in the back seat repeating over and over, “Are we almost there”? I’ll also post other tips for traveling in the car with children. I have collected some super ideas!!

Another fond memory that my sister and I have from our many long drives, mainly to my grandparent home in Coulee Dam, WA, was gazing at the clouds. The big, white fluffy clouds held so many fun and grand scenes and sculptures! Art in the sky! What fun! Try it sometime. See what you and your kids can find. My sister and I would each spot a shape — maybe a dog, a dragon, a flower – and we would show the other. At times it was hard to get the other sister to see and imagine what we were! But we still remember with fondness the special times we spent together cloud gazing.

Come back soon, as I will share some fun ideas for coping with and entertaining children during car trips.


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