Boil-In-Bag Omelet Camp Recipe

Boil In Bag Omelet Camp Recipe

Click HERE for a printable recipe. Ingredients

Servings:  1

  • 2 eggs
  • 1 teaspoon water (optional)
  • 2 tablespoons cheese (shredded, your choice)
  • 1 tablespoon onion (chopped, raw or sauteed)
  • 1 tablespoon bell pepper (chopped, raw or sauteed)
  • 14 cup meat (precooked & diced, chopped or ground, your choice.) **You can prepare foods at home before your trip and store in baggies. Be sure to refrigerate the items in your cooler. Preparing ahead of time will save a lot of time and mess while on your camping trip.


  1. Boil a large stock pot of water.
  2. Mix the eggs & the 1 teaspoon of water in a quart size Zip Lock heavy duty (freezer type) baggie (to scramble) and smoosh it quite a bit.
  3. Add in the desired choice & amount of cheese, pre-cooked meat & veggies to the baggie. Seal (zip) the top (removing as much air as possible) and mix everything by squishing the bag. Be sure to season to your liking (salt, pepper, oregano, chili flakes etc. ) before sealing the baggie.
  4. Place each baggie (zipper side up) into the boiling water, and keep an eye on them. Reposition the baggies if they sit too long against the side of the pot. They usually cook in about 10 minutes, but cooking times depend on how many you are cooking and the size of the pot.
  5. Enjoy this fun & fantastic omelet.
  6. Some suggestions: Make them Mexican with salsa, cilantro and pre-cooked chorizo. Make them Italian with mozzarella, tomato and pepperoni. Chicken cordon Bleu with pre-cooked chicken, swiss and ham. The possibilities are endless!

4 thoughts on “Boil-In-Bag Omelet Camp Recipe

  1. After years of being Boiled Egg Challenged, I started doing all my eggs in this manner. Boiled Eggs, Scrambled Eggs, Omelets… so much easier in a ZipLoc!

    Not quite camping fare: I also do (ummm) egglettes. I used a muffin pan and put the spinach, cheese, spices, whatever in each muffin cup and then put an egg in each muffin cup — and BAKE it for 15 minutes or so. Makes for quick an easy snacks or breakfasts – try one in an English Muffin! LOL!


    • That is the coolest idea!! There are so many different combinations of ingredients one could use. We got 9 baby chickens last Spring — My son already had 5. So we always have lots and lots of eggs. So many, that my husband cooks up scrambled eggs for the dogs. I do think that I will try your idea after my husband gets up. It should be a yummy breakfast!

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      • (I used to have 29 chickens.)

        One suggestion: Angel Food Cake! 😎

        Save the yolks for omelets and sauces, use the whites for AFC!

        Yolks can be stored in a mason jar with a smidge of milk over top of them to keep them wet, for a week!

        It’s a great way to use the backlog of eggs! And everyone will adore your AFC… It’s not just for breakfast anymore! (giggle, snort)

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