Camping Toilet Paper Roll Lint Fire Starter

I ran across this idea while browsing around on the internet. I have not tried it yet, but I sure do plan to. This idea looks so easy, and I have both of the supplies needed. Perfect!!
All that is needed are empty toilet paper rolls and lint that you save from your dryer lint trap. Couldn’t be easier!!  YES!
We will certainly be using them out camping, as well as at home in our wood burning fireplace. We have daily fires in our country home, as that is our main source of heat.
I’m going to be rounding up other fire starter ideas to share with you all in another blog post. I’ve run across DIY ideas, as well as some neat fire starter product ideas for sale on Amazon.
Children should never use fire starters–adults should always be in charge.
So here ya go:


Gather/maintain a supply of empty toilet paper tubes.
Maintain a supply of electric clothes dryer lint. Keep a small bucket or container near the dryer. Instead of tossing the dryer lint into the garbage, throw the lint into your container and keep in a safe, dry spot for future use.
tp-fire-starter3Gather a fistful of dryer lint. Size up the empty roll/tube you plan to use. Obviously the larger the roll, the more lint you will need. You want to stuff enough lint into the roll to fill it, but not overstuff it.
tp-fire-starter4Push lint into the roll. Stand the roll on its end and push lint downward until it touches the other surface. Add more lint until fire starter is completely full.
tp-fire-starter5Light the end of the fire starter.

Tip: It also works well if you put 1 birthday candle in the roll between tube and lint. The paraffin helps keep it burning until lint catches well. Candles can be bought cheap. You can get 80 candles in a pack for 1$ at many stores.



2 thoughts on “Camping Toilet Paper Roll Lint Fire Starter

  1. Dryer lint can be easily collected in a repurposed box that your laundry soap came in. Save the last empty laundry soap box you “made” and put your collected lint in there.
    Play around with which of your created lint best works… Cotton, synthetics, wooly blankets, new towels. Not all of them light well.
    Great idea to recycle the TP center for additional tinder and the carrying case!
    Fantastic idea about the little candles!!

    Great article!

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