Cruising — Cruise Critic Web Site

Check out — Cruise Critic website is certain to be a valuable source of information to a seasoned cruiser, to those folks planning their very first cruise, and to everyone in between!! YES!!!

I love this site. You will find articles on topics such as:
Cruise destinations — Boy, do those articles ever get me excited!!
Packing tips
How to pick a cabin
The differences between Cruise Lines
News on new cruise ship construction
What to wear
Food, Food, Food — yipppppeeeee!!!!!
What to do in ports
Money Saving ideas
Cruise reviews

All of this and so much more!!!

Cruise offers a community forum. I can spend hours reading and exploring these forums. You will meet some very friendly and helpful folks here. It’s easy to search and find answers to most all questions you may have. And if you don’t find that you get your question answered after doing a search of the forums, go ahead and post a question. You will probably get several answers and ideas.

The forums have a section for each cruise line. There is a Cruise Port area that is divided by cruise destinations. If you need information or ideas for the ports you will be visiting, this is the place to go!!

Folks give reviews on their particular cruise after they return home. I always enjoy reading them. Some are shorter, while others are long and go into great detail of each day and each activity they take part in. I love them all!!!! ha!

Be sure to visit the Roll Call for your cruise. Go to the Roll Call area and search for your cruise line and your cruise date. You can meet and visit with folks that will be on your cruise. Most times one person will volunteer to organize a Meet and Greet. It’s really easy to set it up with the Cruise Line.

It’s impossible to go into detail with all that has to offer. It’s an absolutely superior website for all things Cruising!!!!

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