Blogging For Dummies Book

“>When I first heard people mentioning the word ‘Blog’, I had no idea what the meaning of the word was. Over time, I heard more and more people mention ‘Blogging’. I knew that most all blogs had a theme of some sort. Hmmmm ….. interesting, I guess! But it really did intrigue me the more I  thought about it. Ordinary folks (not that I would classify myself as being ordinary. Ha!) being able to post to their blog and other ordinary folks reading what the poster has to offer and even comment on it!   Wowwwiiieeeee! Neat!

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The first time I really realized that some folks were so very popular with their blogs that they could make a living with it, was when we were on an Alaskan cruise. We were visiting some with a man, his wife, and the wife’s sister when we were in the casino. We learned through the one sister that they were staying in the nicest suite the cruise ship had to offer. Some $$$$$s there! The sister told me that the guy (her brother-in-law) did movie trailers and the guy’s wife did blogging. Hmmmm …… there was that word BLOGGING again. Once again I thought, just how does this blogging thing work????? But, I asked no questions. I have discovered, though, that some lucky ones do make big bucks with a blog!!
trees-blog-clip-art                    trees-blog-clip-art

I had always wished that I had poked around a bit and found out what type of blog she had, and maybe, just maybe, she would let me in on how much $$$$$s she makes at it. I sure wish I had found out her name or her blog name so that I could pay a visit to her blog after returning home. I’m still so curious. I figure that one of them made some big $$$$$s, enough to pay for the expensive suite, not to mention the wonderful shore excursions they all went on. And I know it wasn’t the one sister, because she did say that they had paid her way on the trip. She also did say that she didn’t really like to hang out much in the suite — too fancy for her and the butler always coming around made her nervous!!!  ha!!!

Click HERE to order your copy. (affiliate link)
I finally did decide that I wanted to start a blog centered around Camping, which I love doing!  But I did not have a clue how a blog worked or how to get started with it. So, I got on Amazon and found the book, ‘Blogging For Dummies’. It has been really helpful in explaining to me and helping me with setting up a blog. I have really, really enjoyed learning from this book. It’s really very easy to follow and understand. It’s the only book that I do have on the subject, so I can’t compare it to any other. But if you need a book for starters, I would certainly recommend it. Amazon has it for sale: Blogging For Dummies.

So if you have a blog, What Is Your Story??? Please share. I would love to hear.

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