Lake Sylvia State Park, WA State

I love camping at Ocean Shores, WA. On our way there this last time, we decided to make a stop at Lake Sylvia State Park. It was just a short distance off of the Hwy, so we figured, Why Not??!!  When we entered the park, I could tell that it was going to be LOVELY!  AND JUST OUR STYLE!!!  It was really, really pretty and situated on a smallish lake, Lake Sylvia.

The camping spots are situated along one side of the lake, with several sites right at the lake’s edge. The sites are large, most with average privacy, some with a bit better than average privacy. There’s lots of greenery all around, including many trees.

This campground was so very serene and peaceful. I could feel peace as I sat at the picnic table looking out across the small lake. We were there at about noon on a Friday afternoon, and there were just a handful of folks out and about. Only a couple of sites had camp set up at them, one being a trailer and one a small tent. There were three real small boats on the lake fishing, all with electric motors; don’t know if they were catching anything.

Our two dogs were in heaven! They had been cooped up in our van and were eager to get out and explore.  First a good long drink from the lake was in order. Yummy!!  ha! Dogs are allowed in the park as long as they are on a leash or tied up. Clark took them both out to explore just a bit. It was nice that there were absolutely no folks around at all! I made some sandwiches and COFFEE!!!  The sandwiches were good, but the COFFEE …….  Oh, THE COFFEE!!!  IT WAS HEAVEN!!!  ha!
I needed to use the restroom, so off I went. Just outside the restroom building, there was a message board where Park notices and news and maps would be posted. One flyer had a picture of a Bobcat and explained that one of these fine creatures had been seen in the area about a month previously. After using the restroom, we loaded up our dogs and drove around to check out more of the campground. Such a nice, nice campground! It was really, really pretty! About midway along the one side of the lake, we came to a bridge crossing the lake, only wide enough for one car.  A couple of folks were fishing off of the bridge, and again, no idea if anyone around were catching any fish!!!!  But, there must be some in that Lake Sylvia!!!!

Right across the lake is a really wonderful beach area! If you have children, this is a perfect spot on a nice, sunny day. The kids will love the sand for building sand castles! I know that kids can spend HUGE amounts of time playing in sand at the water’s edge. You will love the sand, as you can spread out your towel, lie down, enjoy watching the smiles on your little ones’ faces as they enjoy their day!  Out a bit from shore the shallow area is roped off for the kiddos!  And get this …. there is a restroom building right there at the beach area!  How nice is that??!!

Speaking of restrooms  …  The restrooms that I used at the camping area were sure nice. And they were clean! Much cleaner than I’m used to seeing at many State Parks. I was wondering if the Campground Host or the Park Ranger took care of cleaning the bathrooms.

Next, we rounded the corner and up a bit of an incline, coming to the Group Camp area. There were people already there, and it seemed that they had camp set up! If there hadn’t been folks there already, I would have walked on in to scope the area out so that I could include some information for those folks interested in the Group Camp.

Well, that was about it!  In conclusion   …  I would most definitely stay at this campground!!!  Without a doubt!! Especially if I had children that would be in heaven with the nice beach and swimming area!  I could picture us when the kids were younger, heading to the beach late morning once the sun warmed up, spending most all day at the beach swimming, heading to the showers to clean up, heading to our camp site for a nice dinner.  The kids would be exhausted, but not too tired to have a camp fire, cooking S’MORES, of course!!!  A PERFECT DAY!!!!!   Yesssssss!  And I’m sure they would still have a wee bit of energy left to hear their Daddy tell them a spooky camping story, which would be his infamous, “The Green Slimy Hand”!!!!   Ha!


One thought on “Lake Sylvia State Park, WA State

  1. Great to see you back on here and posting up your adventures!

    Sounds like you found a lovely place… I can smell the fresh air and feel the sunshine on my face! Thanks for “taking us along” with you!


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